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This isn’t doom metal folks. Cathedral’s first LP was pure doom, this one…not so much. It’s got elements of doom most certainly, a little bit of thrash, and a hell of a lot of stoner metal thrown in. But, don’t worry about the style, this is metal that pretty much any metal fan will enjoy. It’s not too heavy so those of you against death or thrash won’t be turned off. On the flip side, it doesn’t have any self-indulgent wankery so those against prog can enjoy it. Cathedral have found a very healthy mix of styles and I’m sure it will appeal to a large group of music fans.
Getting on to the actual music on the disc. It’s quite good. The guitar tone is mostly sludge but the whole band plays like they’re tripping, so it sounds good. The vocals are very grungy and growling, but nothing you would hear on a death or black album. This vocalist can sound sinister, menacing, and dark without screaming or growling which is quite remarkable. The quality of the songwriting is pretty consistent even though the quality wanes towards the end. The album’s first track “Phoenix Rising” may be worth the full price of the album alone, being one of the finest stoner metal songs I’ve heard.
So, it isn’t a mind-blowing album, but it’s good old fun. The band manages to deliver a good batch of songs pkayed with expert precision. It actually is difficult to play in a sludge style so I give the band credit for pulling it off without sounding comical. And maybe most importantly of all, no intelligent person on Earth can say this album is a Black Sabbath rip-off. Two thumbs up Cathedral…keep it up!

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