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In early 2004, Obituary finally decided to start working on their sixth studio record. Often, when bands haven’t been together for years, writing sessions are initially strained or unproductive and it takes a while for the musicians to get back on their creative feet. Obituary had no such problem. One listen to the band’s new album, ‘Frozen In Time,’ and it’s clear that Obituary have returned with the same force and fortitude they had in the early ’90s. From start to finish, ‘Frozen In Time’ was created without any major trauma or turbulence. In fact, one of the biggest challenges for Obituary happened after they finished in the studio and were trying to come up with a name for the record. They considered titling it after one of the album tracks, but decided that no single cut could adequately represent the album. They thought about naming it something that would make reference to their reunification after seven long years. Finally, they decided they were best off with ‘Frozen In Time.’

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