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Speechless. I don’t use that word to often and when I do, it’s usually for something good. If I had to describe The Black Code by Wo Fat with one word, the album would get “speechless”. As soon as The Black Code opens, you’re greeted by heavy as fuck monstrous riffs. The album just flows from start to finish, song to song in an almost seamless fashion. Riff after riff you’re taken back for a nice ride.

I tell you, I’ve heard good albums, bad albums, and a lot in between. So far not much has stacked up to the level in which Wo Fat records. They get all heavy and doomy in a nice updated fashion. They’re not trying to sound retro like a lot of bands do. Instead, Wo Fat keeps it updated and fresh. The bluesy addition to both the lead and rhythm guitars helps give it that great sound. The slight addition of some heavy psych mixed in here and there as well as the classic and southern rock help add to the greatness of this album. If you have a real good sound system or headphones, you’ll really be able to hear the full effect of the album. Make sure you crank up the volume too, this album demands to be played loud.

I make no secret of my love for Dallas’ Wo-Fat. Guitarist Kent Stump lays some riffs so sweet that I fall to my knees and weep and I have no hesitation in proclaiming that bassist Tim Wilson and drummer Michael Walter form one of Texas’ best and heaviest rhythm sections. Not surprisingly, their newest album, The Black Code, is one that delivers the heavy in spades. The band alternately slinks up and then assaults listeners with its Texified, Sabbath infused, stoner rock like a large, deadly cat on the prowl.

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