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Being very strongly influenced by 70’s hard rock and stoner metal, Wo Fat’s fifth full-length is about as promising as it gets. The whole album is handled within a short number of five songs and over 47 minutes long throughout those tracks. Of course, while many would say it’s best to listen to an album like this while stoned, hence the name of the genre, I would argue that this album is just as amazing an experience when sober.

The style the band plays of doom is basically them experimenting around a central riff for as long as possible before it starts to get too unexciting or boring. The album on the whole is generally a little fuzzy, but not too much. It features grooves that are especially catchy in the opening title track, though it may be a little too long for it’s own good. This is mostly due to the fact that the guitar solo is put into the outro section of the song, put behind the two verses and choruses which can make it feel long. This is also the case with Dreamwalker, the closer, the is over 17 minutes of the same few riffs. The rest of the tracks rest between the threshold of 6 and 7 and a half minutes which in the context of the record, leaves them not overstaying their welcome.

The majority of the album is excellent, while using a small amount of riffs when compared to the length of the project, it doesn’t take away from the album. If you are into the genre of stoner doom, heavy metal — particularly Sabbath — or doom as a whole, this album is definitely something you should be checking out.

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